Freeware Web Development Software and Useful Links for Webmasters

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Several tools are required for web development. Thankfully, there are plenty of free options out there that work absolutely fantastic. This directory includes some of the best free web development software available.

HTML and Source Code / Text Editors are used to design sites, Graphics Editing Software to create images for said sites, and FTP Clients to upload all of it to the Internet. Notepad++, Paint.NET, and FileZilla were utilized in the creation of However, it's recommended one download and try everything out so that they may discover what's best for them. The best Editor and FTP Client for one person may be totally different for another.

This free web development software tested negative for malware 1/22/2012 when scanned with NOD32 Antivirus.

Freeware FTP Clients 5

Freeware Graphics Editing Software 16

Freeware HTML Editors 9

Freeware Source Code / Text Editors 12

It's very important to remember that not everyone uses the same web browser. That being said, web development must be conducted in a manner so that one's site be fully compatible with all major browsers. The five most popular web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Every web developer should have all five installed for testing purposes. They're 100% free and all, save Internet Explorer, are cross-platform compatible, i.e. they run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux-based operating systems, such as Ubuntu.

Also, abiding by the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is wise for the sakes of compatibility and neatness. W3Schools is a great tool as it provides free, W3C compliant tutorials and information for HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Help is also provided for more advanced languages, such as PHP and JavaScript. Another fantastic resource for all of the above is SitePoint, which is also highly recommended.

Along with conforming to W3C standards, one's site should abide by Guidelines, Bing Guidelines, Google Guidelines, and Yahoo! Guidelines. Sites in violation can suffer from poor rankings or even end up being completely delisted by search engines. Since most major search engines in the United States are based on the aforementioned four, understanding and obeying their rules is wise. It's neither difficult nor unreasonable.

Additionally, is a great place to find good, affordable web development books.