Hover Domain Review: A Review of Hover.com's Domain Registration Service

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Bookmark and Share

Hover Screenshot - List of DomainsDomain Direct, the first domain name registration service of Tucows Inc., launched in 1997. Tucows Inc. would go on to acquire NetIdentity in 2006 and It's Your Domain (IYD) in 2007. These three successful services were merged into what's now known as Hover, which launched in 2009. Hover operates atop the OpenSRS platform and is the retail division of Tucows Inc., an ICANN-accredited registrar since 1999, the third largest ICANN-accredited registrar and largest publicly traded (NYSE AMEX: TCX, TSX: TC) registrar in the world.

Hover Screenshot - Manage DomainGood customer service is not only an extremely important quality but a quality that nowadays is seemingly scarce. With Hover, high quality customer service is a top priority. Hover is a domain name registration service provider which deeply and profoundly cares about the entire customer experience. When one calls support, a person answers the phone, not a machine, and, because Hover's support structure isn't tier-based, whoever answers will be able to help regardless of issue categorization. Nobody wants to spend an afternoon on the telephone dealing with their domain names and Hover understands wholeheartedly. Not only is their telephone customer service superb but their support via email also rocks. Additionally, Hover's support staff has gone through great lengths to create a support website that actually makes getting help easy, unlike the support sites of many competitors that are often described as mazes. The tutorials offered by Hover are incredible and can make accomplishing even complicated tasks easy. All of this combined with the fact that Hover offers perhaps the cleanest and most intuitive interface in the industry makes Hover arguably the easiest, most pleasant domain name registration service to use for both laymen and technocrats.

Hover Screenshot - Advanced DNS ManagementHover prides itself in its clean, intuitive interface. There are no massive advertisements, pop-ups, or other annoying eyesores and Hover never attempts to trick users into buying something that they don't need, unlike other services which make checking out require several extra clicks through mazes of spam. Hover believes that registering, renewing, and administering domain names should be fast and easy, not stressful and complicated. Hover also believes that domains should be affordable.

Hover Screenshot - Domain ForwardingWith Hover, the price seen is the price paid. There are no hidden fees and services that should be included free, such as private registration (WHOIS privacy) are. Hover doesn't try to nickel and dime its customers, unlike other domain name registration services which boast cheap domains but charge extra for common add-ons. Another service, for example, charges roughly $10 for a .com. It seems like a good deal at first, except it costs an extra $10 for private registration, creating a $20 annual renewal. A .com with Hover costs $15 annually and private registration is included free. If one doesn't need private registration, they can rest assured that the extra $5 annually, approximately $0.014 per day, for Hover is worth it. Isn't access to superior customer service, a management interface free of spam and intrusive marketing tactics, and the peace of mind of having a domain registered with the largest publicly traded registrar worth an extra $5? With Hover, people get what they pay for: a quality domain name registration service provider that cares about its customers.

Whether one is registering a domain name for the first time or an experienced webmaster looking for a new home for his or her domains, Hover is an awesome domain name registration service provider. It's affordable, high quality services are easy and enjoyable to use and its support staff couldn't be any friendlier.


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