Ten Common Questions and Answers: A Guide for Novices

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I. Which domain name registrar is the best?

This is a commonly raised and perfectly valid question but it is kind of like asking who makes the best cars or the best ice cream. There is no particular answer that is universally accepted as fact. This too applies to the question to which this response was provided. That being said, it won't be stated here that any sole domain name registrar is the best. Instead, a recommendation backed up by indisputable facts and opinions will be provided.

Millions of webmasters across the globe trust and recommend Tucows Inc. and its advanced OpenSRS wholesale-focused reseller services to manage their domains. This isn't really surprising considering Tucows Inc. is the largest publicly traded (AMEX: TCX, TSX: TC) domain name registrar in the world, has been ICANN-accredited since 1999, and has over 10,000,000 domains under management as of March 2010.

Additionally, Hover opposes, as does its parent company, Tucows Inc., both the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA).

Experienced, reliable, and trustworthy, Tucows Inc. is a highly recommended domain name registrar.

II. How does one register a domain name with Tucows Inc.?

It's easy to register a domain name with Tucows Inc. through Hover, an affordable, high quality domain name registration service provider. Hover is the retail division of Tucows Inc. and operates atop the OpenSRS platform.

In 1997, Tucows Inc. launched its first domain name registration service, Domain Direct. In 2006, Tucows Inc. acquired NetIdentity and then It's Your Domain (IYD) in 2007. The successful amalgamation of these three successful providers resulted in the birth of Hover in 2009. See Hover's about page for additional information.

III. How does one know which services to purchase from Hover?

This depends entirely upon one's needs.

If one only desires a personal email address for themselves, they need only a domain name with one mailbox. If one is setting up custom email addresses for themselves and the whole family or some friends, they may need six or more mailboxes with their domain. However, if one's intent is to host a web site, one need only a domain without any mailboxes since web hosting plans, such as those of Site5, typically include unlimited custom email.

Concerned about prices and demands of technological expertise? Don't be! Domain names and personalized email addresses are very affordable and easy to setup with Hover.

IV. How does one transfer an existing domain name to Hover?

Hover provides easy to understand registrar-specific tutorials written for laymen rather than technocrats. If that's not enough or some unforeseen problem should occur, Hover's superb customer service is eager to help.

V. Why should one use Hover coupon code HONEST?

Hover coupon code HONEST is good for 10% off all new Hover.com transactions.

VI. What's next after successfully registering with and/or transferring to Hover?

If one only needed to reserve a domain name or setup custom email, there's nothing else to do other than enjoy Hover's intuitive, high quality services. However, if one desires to create a web site, a web hosting package must be purchased from a third-party hosting provider, such as Site5. Then, one must change the name servers of the intended domain to those provided by their hosting provider at the time of sign up.

VII. What's an affordable and reliable web site hosting provider?

HoverCoupon.com is proudly hosted by Site5, an affordable and reliable provider of environmentally friendly shared, redundant, reseller, virtual private and dedicated web server solutions. Whether one needs a simple web site for their personal blog or small business or a VPS to host some popular forum, Site5 offers a green, low cost solution.

VIII. Hover and Site5 are all setup and ready to go. What's a novice to do next?

A beginner will likely find SitePoint an invaluable resource. Its free, easy to understand tutorials and handy reference indexes are sure to aid one in learning how to make awesome web sites. Additionally, Amazon.com is a great place to find good, affordable web development books, complete with previews and reviews.

As far as free web development tools are concerned, Notepad++ is a great text editor and source code editor, FileZilla is a phenemonal FTP client, and Paint.NET is a wonderful raster graphics editor. All of the aforementioned tools were utilized in the creation of HoverCoupon.com and are 100% free to download and use.

IX. What's the relationship between HoverCoupon.com and Hover.com?

This is a very frequently asked question (FAQ). HoverCoupon.com is owned, maintained, and was created by a very satisfied Hover customer and is merely an affiliate of Hover.com. The opinions of and ideas expressed by HoverCoupon.com are its own. A goal of this web site is to help beginners discover inexpensive, quality services.

X. To where should correspondences concerning HoverCoupon.com be directed?

All questions, comments, and matters concerning HoverCoupon.com and its content, including these FAQs, should be directed to webmaster@hovercoupon.com. This email address is typically checked a couple of times a week.