December 31, 2012's sources of income have included Hover, Site5, and referrals and Google AdSense.

I don't believe in recommending anything to others that I wouldn't recommend to myself. While actively promotes Hover and Site5, it is important to note that is registered with Hover and hosted by Site5. In fact, I use Hover and Site5 exclusively for all of my domain registration and web hosting needs.

Additionally, I am a regular customer of I've enjoyed their incredible prices and fast shipping for years. As far as books, music CDs, and other media are concerned, I've often found's prices tough to beat.

I am a Google fanatic and actively use all of their services. AdSense displays advertisements relevant to the content of the page upon which they're displayed and therefore provides a more useful user experience. has donated 10% of all quarterly net profits received to the American Red Cross.

For additional information about, see its disclaimer and privacy policy, and the about page.

Jay, Webmaster