Sunday, January 22, 2012

There's absolutely no reason why buying and managing domain names should be anything other than easy. Sadly, all too often these conceptually very simple tasks are headache inducing. The reasons for this, unfair pricing, poor customer service, and messy web sites, to name a few, are sadly prominent throughout the industry.

The old, expensive registrar that once had a monopoly on domains still charges way too much for way too little. The cheap, popular registrar isn't really the bargain that it masquerades as and its web site is, as a colleague so correctly put it, "one big, ugly advertisement" that makes accomplishing even the most simple of tasks an annoying chore. Having registered my first domain name more than a decade ago, I've firsthand experience with both of the aforementioned registrars and quite a few in between. It wasn't until I discovered Hover that I was truly satisfied.

Hover's prices are fair and its user interface is both free of spam and extremely intuitive. There are no hidden fees and services that other domain name registration services tend to charge extra for, such as private registration, come standard with every domain. To top it all off, Hover's customer service is simply phenomenal, in my opinion the absolute best in the industry. Hover is an awesome domain name registration service run and staffed by pros.

Hover and its parent company, Tucows Inc., are among the organizations opposing both the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). Unlike a certain registrar that was for SOPA, withdrew its support in response to customer outrage, and then claimed to oppose the proposed act, Hover was against it all along. Check out the reasons Tucows Inc. doesn't support SOPA and PIPA to see why this truly is a company that can be trusted.

I created in part because I desired to assist in the promotion of such a cool, people-friendly service.

Curious as to why I love Hover so much? Try registering with and/or transferring to Hover and see what sets this domain name registration service apart from the rest and makes it the best.

Jay, Webmaster